Fen Research was founded by award winning games developer Andrew Gower in late 2010 to create ground breaking new technology and products in the field of online games and user created content.

Over the last 4 years we have been creating an ambitious new games engine / programming language, which introduces an entirely new way of thinking about and creating on-line games. The hard work is finally beginning to pay off and our game engine has now got to the point where we can start making real games with it, and we currently have two exciting games in production. Our plan is to first create and release some games for you to enjoy, and meanwhile we will carry on improving the engine to the point where (further down the line), we can share the engine too!


Fenforge is our engine and programming language which is designed from the ground up to make the development of online multiplayer games quicker, easier, and less error prone. Fenforge is still in development and we are not ready to share it just yet, but you can visit www.fenforge.com to find out more about it.



Before using Fenforge to create a large game, we decided it would be wise to first create a smaller game to test that Fenforge works correctly. Our first game therefore is a small fun turn-based strategy game called Solstrike.

Solstrike has turned out to be be extremely fun to play, and we have lots of ideas to improve it. Therefore we are now considering making it larger. We have decided to share what we have created so far, as an 'Early Access' version so you can try it yourself. If you like what you see, please vote for Solstrike on Steam Greenlight, and if there is sufficient interest then we will develop Solstrike further.

Top secret game

We also have another (currently top secret) game in development. Our second game will be much larger. We aren't ready to reveal much more about this yet, so check out the News and Updates section below to choose the most convenient way to keep informed.


To keep up to date with all the latest news, and for a sneak peek of what are we working on from day to day, follow the company's founder Andrew Gower on Twitter:

If you don't use twitter, then all of Andrew's Twitter posts are also mirrored to his Facebook page:


Any job vacancies at Fen Research will be posted here - sorry no job vacancies at the moment.