Fen Research was founded by award winning games developer Andrew Gower in late 2010 to create ground breaking new technology and products in the field of online games and user created content.

Over the last 4 years we have been creating an ambitious new games engine / programming language, which introduces an entirely new way of thinking about and creating on-line games. The hard work is finally beginning to pay off and our game engine has now got to the point where we can start making real games with it, and we currently have two exciting games in production. Our plan is to first create and release some games for you to enjoy, and meanwhile we will carry on improving the engine to the point where (further down the line), we can share that too, as our ultimate plan is to let you have a go at modifying our games or even making your own games.

Andrew's personal blog (posts every few days)

I've never tried this before, but I plan to be very open and post and chat about what I am doing very regularly, so you can see how the games are evolving as I make them, and get an in-depth behind the scenes look at the game creation process. I won't just be posting about work though, this is my personal blog so there is also general chat about other (hopefully interesting) things I am up to, what other games I am playing, what websites I am visiting, plus chat with people who tweet me, etc...

My posts will be made to twitter, however if you don't use twitter I have set my twitter posts to be automatically echoed to facebook here:

Announcements only (low volume)

If you don't want to see every random thought that passes through my head (I can't say I blame you, it's a scary place), and only want to be notified when we launch a new product, then instead use one of the links below. Apart from that I'll try and keep these not too spammy.

  Any job vacancies at Fen Research will be posted here - sorry no job vacancies at the moment.  

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